We will help you with the daunting task of
choosing the correct size. Follow our
guidelines for each manufacturer and don't
hesitate to call or e mail if you are
Boy's Christening
Christening Ensembles
Accessories and MORE
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Girl's Christening
Browse our hand picked selection of fine christening ensembles. We concentrate on
designer styles and our own exclusive designs, but since these tend to get pricey we
also include some lovely styles at popular price points.
Our Fabrics
Our christening apparel comes in a variety of
fashion fabrics. If you find any terminology
confusing please contact us for clarification.
Silk is never pure white.  When we say
Shantung we mean poly-shantung, a white,
washable fabric with the texture of dupioni
silk. Other fabrics include soft, plush
, and Cotton and Cotton Blends.
Choosing a Size
Call us during business hours
718 982-9047 eastern time

718 982-9047 eastern time
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